Wednesday, July 30, 2014

My Beautiful Trip to the Cook Island

On the 14 of june i left the cold auckland to go over to the beautiful hot cook island.  we left on the 14 of june and arrive there on the 13 of june. we went to go over to beury my beautiful nana. It was a sad sad time for me and my nice family that went over to send my nana of to rest. But it was all so a happy time and sad time as well. Every time we go up and go up in the morning and the afternoon and night  we went all over the cook island . It was a happy and sad time to let go of my Beautiful  nana. Then my brothers , sister, Aunts and uncles. We lit my nanny’s grave with the candles that had all my nana’s family names on it.  

That was a time for me and my family to leave the hot cook island. And come back to the cold Auckland. And for the last time to let my beautiful Nanny let go with my nanny and have a happy time with her every time when  she is gone and we think that she is with us all the time. We have  a sad time when we go back for her Birthday. From Nikita And the Lindsay family