Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Rain Bows End

My Holiday Recount I woke up in the morning feeling happy because I knew that for the next two weeks I will be on holiday from school.

 I was very happy. First I went to Rainbows End . When we got there my family and I took a picture at Rainbows End. Then my aunt paid me to get in. Then my cousin and I went to the log flume when  a my cousin and I went on  the Gold Rush  it was very fun But there was a big queue waiting to go in.

After that my cousin and  I went on the scary Fear fall. IT was fun. Next I went to the Kids Kingdom. I had the best time of my life.

Thursday, July 11, 2013


Once there was old  man who lived in the city called Pisa. He threw his Son around on the wall and hacks his son in the wall. After that he went to jail. And His soul was free after all.

Once there was  an old Women whose name was Florence. And hit her sons around and throw her sons to the wall. After that she hit them and next the boys went to rig the people and after that she said sorry.

Once There was an old man who lived in Sheen and  daughters in the hard wall and after that the man hit them in the stomach and then they had blood come out of there moth. Then they were fighting over the old man. Next they said that is what you get for hitting us the  daughters said.

Once there was an old Woman   who lived Ware she just  had a baby and then she try to choke her  and throw her in the wall. And then after  that she died then her mum went to jail.

Once there was an old Man who lived Janina who  had a  Son and then after that she told them  to  choke himself  then after that the father come in and saw him  try to choke himself  but his father was too late He had Died. The Father was crying hard that his son died.Then after that the father was hitting the mum and told him that why did you say that for. Next they all died.  

The End By Nikita.

Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Learning About Tamki College

Hi my name is called Nikita an d I come from glenbrae school And I learn that we were wacthing youtube It was fun