Thursday, June 27, 2013

Problem Solving

1.  Anne has to travel a distance of 20km.  She travels 15km on a train and 3.5km on a bus.  She walks the rest of the way.  How far does she have to walk?
2.  I want to make 12 cakes.  If I know that 6kg of flour is enough for 36 cakes, how much flour will I need?
3.  My car travels 30km for every litre of fuel I put in.  A litre of fuel costs $2.25.  How far can I drive for $25.50?
4.  When a bucket is full it holds exactly 51/2litres.  A jug holds 500millilitres.  How many full jugs of water will I need to fill the bucket?
5. Find the cost of 4.5kg of sugar at 20cents per 500g.
6. June was going to Euro-Disney.  She travelled 150km by car, 50km by bus and 3250km by plane.  How far was it from his house?
7.Shortland Street started at 7.00pm and lasted for 30mins.  The Simpsons started at 8.15pm and lasted 25mins.  Toy Story 2 started at 9.00pm and lasted 1hour 55mins.  Could I record all 3 programmes on to a 3-hour d.v.d disc?
8. The bus arrives at the town centre at 10.30, at the market at 12.00, the library at 14.00 and the museum at 16.05.  How long does it take to get from the market to the museum?

Net Ball

room 7 went out outside to play  a game called Netball. With Miss Atuahiva Mrs George. First We  jog around the count once or twice. When we were finished    we got in two  teams. Next  Miss Atuahiva or Mrs George called out a number. After that the four numbers were called out we would run a get the ball and we would run and get in the hope and it in the hall hope. That means one team win and another term lose. But that was we would say nice try to the other team.  Finally Apple Won the game But we said  Nice Try to orange. Then we went
to  have a drink. Finally That was the end of Playing Netball Skills. By  Nikita Lindsay    

goat Girl

1. What is this article about?  A little girl  was looking after  a kid  means a lambs.   

2. Who was Mrs Saunders? It was the little girl mother

3. Why did the author have to beg her mum? To Let the little girl take the little kid

4. What did the author do to make sure that she looked after Runner correctly? By watching a movie.  

5. The author had to do three things to make sure that Runner was well looked after.
Which job was not that appealing to the author? It was the bottome.  

6. Why did the author’s mum begin to get angry?  Because the little lamb was eating all her stuff.

7. Why was Runner always getting trouble?Because the little girl was not keeping the little kid under control.

8. Why did the author’s mum and dad promise her that they would take  her to visit
Runner at the farm some day? The mum dad told her there will take her to see  the little kid someday.    

Activity 2  - Jumbled Words  Unscramble these words.
1. lortnoc : control  

2. formed           performed

3. noititepmoc     copnititepe

4. obsoleta   obscelta    

5. tenderer             tenderer

6. elbuort bortel

7 pedskip skipped  

8. bledeta detable

9. erehwon  erehwon  

10. bourne   bourne

Select any 6 words from the above list and use them in a complex sentence of your own.

Activity 3 Cloze Passage

Complete these paragraph by filling in the missing words from the word list given.

I  watched a video on hand-rearing kids. Runner was  to be fed  every day with milk
formula three times a day. Her kids had to wiped with a  flannel after every feed. if milk dried  around  her lips and nose, it would cause big  scabs  . The  video also said that I should keep her   bottom . clean. I didn’t like the sound of that job much. I said  Mum could do that.

decided bottom watched needed special face    flannel

around scabs video clean times wiped    milk

Activity 4Design a Title page for this story.

   Take a screenshot of your design and save it in your reading folder.
“Now” said mrs Saunders, Pets Day is getting close  and it'd be nice  if everyone had an  animal to enter. The goat farm has some tiny kids that need to  be bottle-fed who’d like to look after one?,, “Please, Mum ,, Maaaaaa-maaaaaa.” Would you like to  borrow our dog kennel?,, “That  goat has got to go,,  “Hey, girl keep your goat under control”   “She looks just beautiful”  “That goat has to  go” he said"

The Clever Pigs

The Clever Pigs live in a rubbish dump. It  was full of apple cores and old shoes old and old sink socks it smell like Bo. Mucky pig was very dirty pig.Brainy Pig was very Brainy and kind of cute. Pretty  Pig Love her make-up. And After That Mucky was so upset that maked mucky  pig a house. When it was Brainy pig turn she was upset and then she printed a house with pigs,flowers, hearts. Then it was Pretty turns  and she was so upset that she Thought her make-up down on the ground.Then Pretty printed a nice garden.When they were happy  they made a pigs park. It had a mudslide and dance stage. And  A garden. 


The End. By Nikita Lindsay.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

Housing Issue at Fenchurch Street

The Government has been selling houses in the suburb of Glen Innes. 
There were many protesters who were out in Fenchurch Street this morning.  
The Police and TV News crew from Channel 1 and 3 were there too.  
So many families have been affected and I feel very sad for them.  
They have been promised an apartment to live in when they 
have to leave their houses.


Wednesday, June 12, 2013

The Government have been selling houses in the suburb of Glen Innes. There were many protesters who were out in Fenchurch Street this morning.  The Police and TV News crew from Channel 1 and 3 were there too.  So many families have been affected and I feel very sad for them.  They have been promised an apartment to live in when they have to leave their houses.