Thursday, November 28, 2013

How to make a Burger

How to make a burger.

Burger buns.


two small knife
frying pan
Chopping boards
Step 1: First you peel you carrot and cut you letters up and then slice your onion.
Step 2: fry your onions in the pan.
Step 3:Toast your buns in till it is brown.
Step 4: Get how many paddies you want.
Step 5: Get some oil in your pan and then fry your paddies in the pan.
Step 6: Put your carrot and letters on the bottom of your bun
Step 7: Put Mayonnaise on your carrot and letters then your Paddies And then your onions and then Tomato.
Step 9: Eat it up.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Nikita Lindsay

                                                    M: Marvellous.
O: Open
T: True
H: Honest
E: Economical.
R: Respectful.  

My Best Friend

Poem about my best friend.

My best friend is funny and
she is so scary
when she tries to get me in tiggy
My best friend has brown hair
Her eyes are dark brown
Her favourite colour is red
She like’s to play rugby
Her Sister is called Emeline
She has friends called Aarimone, Apii, Laite and Kyana.
She is always funny and so nice
Her family is so beautiful and nice
She is my favourite best friend