Tuesday, October 14, 2014

My Holiday Explanation

Why we have holidays?
 Holidays are where we need our bodies and brains a rest because we learn a lot .

Then it is good because we have a good break for our brain and body in the holiday

How we spend our time in the holiday

What we do in the holiday is spent time with our family loving friends and we go to the movies with our family cheerful friends.

 We clean with our family friends in the holidays.

 Then we relax with our families and friends.

 WOW! In My Holiday my family and I took our family our for the day in the holiday. First of all we decided we were going to today. And the first thing that my sister said was the pools and we all agreed and I said what else should we do and we all said was Bounce and it was so fun that we all agreed that my family was all joyful because what we did It was very fun..

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