Thursday, June 27, 2013

Problem Solving

1.  Anne has to travel a distance of 20km.  She travels 15km on a train and 3.5km on a bus.  She walks the rest of the way.  How far does she have to walk?
2.  I want to make 12 cakes.  If I know that 6kg of flour is enough for 36 cakes, how much flour will I need?
3.  My car travels 30km for every litre of fuel I put in.  A litre of fuel costs $2.25.  How far can I drive for $25.50?
4.  When a bucket is full it holds exactly 51/2litres.  A jug holds 500millilitres.  How many full jugs of water will I need to fill the bucket?
5. Find the cost of 4.5kg of sugar at 20cents per 500g.
6. June was going to Euro-Disney.  She travelled 150km by car, 50km by bus and 3250km by plane.  How far was it from his house?
7.Shortland Street started at 7.00pm and lasted for 30mins.  The Simpsons started at 8.15pm and lasted 25mins.  Toy Story 2 started at 9.00pm and lasted 1hour 55mins.  Could I record all 3 programmes on to a 3-hour d.v.d disc?
8. The bus arrives at the town centre at 10.30, at the market at 12.00, the library at 14.00 and the museum at 16.05.  How long does it take to get from the market to the museum?

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